Custom U-Bolt

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Material Carbon Steel
Color Plain, Zinc-plated, Yellow Zinc-plated, Black Zinc-plated, Brass-plated, Cadmium, Geomet, Dacromet, HDG, Nylok, Black-Oxide, Nickel-Plating, Phosphatizing, Powder Coating and Electrophoresis.
Size M6-M20
Grade 4.8. 6.8. 8.8

When it comes to supporting loads or attaching parts to poles, beams or walls, there's arguably no better tool than the U-Bolt.   Capable of being manufactured from a variety of materials and in a range of sizes, they can support just about anything.

Improve your application with custom U-Bolts from U-Bolt It. We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality custom U-Bolts for a range of applications.

Custom U-Bolt advantages

An off-the-shelf fastener isn't always the best choice. Many applications demand components made from specific materials or manufactured to precise sizes.

Whether you need a square U-bolt with long legs to secure piping on a structural beam or a round U-bolt to support roofing or foundation stability, U-Bolt It can provide you with U-Bolts tailored to meet your unique needs.

We can manufacture U-Bolts to just about any size or shape, but here are common offerings:

Round U-Bolts

Semi-round U-Bolts

Square U-Bolts

Long-tangent U-Bolts

J-shaped U-Bolts

While designs are crucial to an application's functionality, the materials used to create them are critical for performance and longevity.

Materials and finishes available for our custom U-bolts include:


Carbon steel

Galvanized carbon steel

Stainless steel

Plain finish

Zinc-plated carbon steel




Clear Zinc

Yellow Zinc


U-Bolts Explained

A U- Bolt is an industrial fastener shaped like the letter U, with two threaded arms or legs extending from a curved base.

The threaded ends are designed for use with washers and screws, but they sometimes paired with a crosspiece that spans both threaded arms of the bolt. The crosspiece addition strengthens weight-bearing capabilities, which is ideal for applications requiring more robust support.

U-Bolts serve hundreds of purposes, and are used in a wide array of applications.

Your custom U-Bolt source

No matter what requirements you have,   can supply high-quality U-Bolts to meet them.   We leverage materials from trusted providers with highly trained personnel and innovative equipment to manufacture finished products that surpass any customer requirement or industry standard.

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority. Our in-house capabilities include cutting, chamfering, coating, and finishing services.   We work with you to develop the right product and deliver it on time.

Give us a call for additional information on custom U-Bolts.